What is the professional driver ?

Professional driver must have a conscious mind, driving knowledge including skill and technique, sense for safe driving and pride in being a professional driver.


TPRO is a full-scale training facility with a slope with a 16-degree angle, that even large truck can drive on, for high speed driving test, as well as Thailand’s first low μ road (wet road), etc. The training program can be arranged with many training curriculum options to suit the trainee individual needs.

TPRO Concept


          The place to raise the safety awareness of drivers through driving training under various conditions , such as driving in the dark, on slippery road, and driving insufficiently maintained vehicles. Besides, “Eco-driving training” has been included to strengthen not only environmental awareness by reducing Co2 emission but also safety through realization of necessity to keep a safe distance between cars.

“Dangerous experience based training for safe driving.”

TPRO Training Center

Experience danger in safe condition
The first full-scale training center for large truck in Thailand

TPRO Instructors
~ The value of TPRO ~

TPRO serves you the best training by our  highly skilled professional instructors that were trained “Professional driving instructor” at Crefeel Koto Training Center at Japan.